Gabriella J Ricci

Thorps Hair Salon !
I started here back in the spring as a stylist! I am so lucky to have had this opportunity with such wonderful people! I had one of the most successful salons pick me right out of school and show me everything they knew! It felt great to be apart of a team!
I am sad to announce I am leaving after such a short introduction to the salon industry. I don’t doubt I will continue doing hair in my next location :}
As for madison peeps! I love ya! I’ll be back someday! U were all so wonderful to me and I hope to keep in touch!

Dreadcut ;) haircut

😏 also, I got my dreads cut into a bob

I love to Instagram !

I love to Instagram !

Dancing around James madison park!

Practically free

Practically free

Escape to Devils Lake,

I owe it to the person who brought me here. We woke up outside under a grocery store awning after escaping the rain. It was 5 am and we had no where to be, so he asked me “where do u want to go” and when I said devils lake there was no hesitation. It was just about 6:30am when we pulled in. The haze was just lifting off the lake and the sun was cutting through the fog drifting off the trees. An incredible experience.

Hiking at picnic point in Madison WI

🌿Walked around blue mound state park today :}

My families stone cottage on Lac Courte Oreilles